Gramercy Theater

Nick Fradiani & Todd Carey at The Gramercy

I love going into a show where there is an artists on the bill I couldn't careless about and then end up leaving the show big fan of. This happened to me the other week when I went to go see Todd Carey open for Nick Fradiani.  I've know Todd for a number of years now and he is truly one of the sweetest hard working musician I know. All I knew about Nick is that he won American Idol a season or two ago. Once Simon Cowel left I stopped following the show.  Honestly I wasn't expecting much. Todd was the only reason I was even at the show, but since I was already there I figured I'd check Nick out. And I'm so glad that I did! I really enjoyed his performance! I even bought his CD!  Next time he plays in NY I will definitely make it a point to be there! 

 The reason I was at the show in the first place, Todd Carey! 

I didn't get to see much of their set, but Oak & Ash were pretty good.

The Headliner Nick Fradiani! So glad I got to see him perform! 

Hanging out with my boy Todd Carey!