New Kids on the Block Last Year at Nassau Coliseum

#TBT to 1990 when I sat in one of the very last rows of Nassau Coliseum to experience my first concert ever. The band? New Kids on the Block! Now fast forward 25 years (or what would be year ago this weekend) where once again I find myself at Nassau Coliseum to see New Kids on the Block! To quote the cover of my 9th grade English binder "I <3 NKOTB 4EVA!!!"  Since reuniting in 2008, NKOTB has made a tradition of touring almost ever summer. Last summer they traveled across the country with The Main Event Tour.

06-20-15 NKOTB Nassau 009 blog.jpg

Joining them for The Main Event Tour were Nelly and TLC.

No matter how much time has past, once New Kids on the Block hit that stage, I'm a screaming teenager all over again! 

By the way, our seats got a little bit better for this show than they were for the first time I saw them. I went from one of the last rows in the Coliseum to being just a few rows from the stage! I'd say that's a pretty good upgrade!

Hanging by our floor seats!&nbsp;

Hanging by our floor seats!