Diana DeGarmo

Broadway Sings Alanis Morissette

This past Monday I went to the Highline Ballroom to see Broadway Sings Alanis Morissette. I loved listening to the many talented performers from the Broadway stage interpret songs from an  artist that once had a huge impact on me. 

08-20-18 Broadway Sings Alanis  002 FB ©.jpg

David Cook opens the show singing "Hand in My Pocket"

Alysha Deslorieux sings "Ironic"

Wesley Taylor sings "Right Through You"

Stephanie Jean Umoh sings "You Learn"

Ben Thompson sings "Your House"

Laurissa Romain sings "Not the Doctor"

Corey Mach sings "Uninvited"

Crystal Monee Hall sings "Forgiven"

Krystina Alabado sings "Perfect"

Ace Young sings "Head over Feet"

Jillian Mueller sings "Thank You"

Derek Klena sings "Thant I Would be Good"

Lauren Patten sings "All I Really Want"

Joey Taranto sings "Mary Jane"

And Closing out the show Diana DeGarmo singing "You Oughta Know

All in all a great night!

So haapy to get to see Diana and Ace! 

So haapy to get to see Diana and Ace!